Friday, January 7, 2011

QPHP PHP frameworks

QPHP is an event-driven(EDP), component-based web framework similar as architecture to ASP.NET. It is a tool, which will help you to build any php-based website in a very very easy, fast, reliable, safe and well-organized way. It comes with 40+ components, 70+ demos and many tutorials. The framework has very short learning curve, so anyone can start using it efficiently in less than 3 hours.

QPHP is influenced by other PHP frameworks, Java-based ones and mostly by ASP.NET and Borland Delphi. It tries to get the best of the above platforms as well as to avoid some problematic parts. Basically it:
  • Brings the elegance of Java and C#
  • Drops all Perl-like bizzare statements, which other PHP frameworks use
  • Relies extensively on OOP concepts
  • It's not only for hardcore PHP developers, you can use with very little knowledge in PHP
  • Provides extremely easy way(Widget API) to integrate 1000s of free widgets
Code-behind approach is used, so every webpage consists of 2 files:
  • .PHP - presentation logic
  • .PHP.SCRIPT - business/programming logic 


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